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Poll: what about gold?
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Gold had a positive carry through out the 1990s.
1 50.00%
Bitcoin has had a positive carry since the development of a lending market.
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Total 2 vote(s) 100%
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Alex Krüger (@Crypto_Macro on Twitter)

just like gold or a dollar bill, does not generate cash flow. Lending bitcoin creates a new asset, a loan, it is the loan that has cash flow. I had this same discussion with  last November, he made me see it’s wrong to state bitcoin generates cash flows. 1 bitcoin, 1 gold oz, 1 house, 1 chair, none of these is a cash flow producing asset. Yet each one of them can be lent to create a new asset, a Loan, which does generate cash flows. It’s a technicality, yes, yet if we say bitcoin has cash flows, can say a chair does as well.
Some of the more informative Replies to the [url=]

Fucking stupid article again. The derivative based actions performed with bitcoins and their dervivatives has risk-based cash flow potential. Bitcoin has not positive carry. Neither has gold. Both have storage and security costs (albeit marginal for most at the rates they own/hold). This bitcoin pushing and twisting concepts to sell idiots more useless bits (because the holders are too eager to dump them for de jure currencies) is getting desperate.[/size][/color]

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