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Poll: What is the cash flow?
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Lending to Margin-Traders at Exchanges
1 50.00%
Arbitrage of the Basis (Contango or Backwardation) of Bitcoin Futures at BitMEX, OKEX, CME & CBOE
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Bitcoin Has Cashflow: Lending Bitcoin

[b][i]NEWS 8 May 2018[/i][/b]: [i]Now published on[/i][b][i] [/i][/b][b][i]ZeroHedge[/i][/b][i]. The central argument against treating Bitcoin as a serious asset is that it has no intrinsic value because it was thought to have no cashflow. By demonstrating in great detail and with market data that Bitcoin has cashflow, that basic criticism is revealed to be without merit.[/i]

You can lend your Bitcoin to margin traders at BitMEX, Poloniex and Bitfinex. [b][i]Annual compounded rates of over a million percent have been available in the past and this writer has lent at those rates.[/i][/b] I provide evidence of that 1,000,000 % below.

At time of writing (20 May 2018) 50,000 Bitcoin with a value of $415 million are out on loan at Bitfinex at 0.01% Daily / 3.6% Annualised (compounded).