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Sto Development Is Ready With External Traded Assets For Your Business

An STO development platform empowers you with financial rights like- 
  • Dividends
  • Profit-sharing rights
  • Equity
  • Buy-back rights
Add fuel of investment to your business with STO development, which will give you wings to rise and shine. 

Types of STO development are- 
  • Equity token
  • Reserve asset token
  • Debt token 
Steps for STO development
  • Find the security for the issuing company to tokenize
  • A team with legal, audit, and finance expertise will assist
  • An entity is formed for trading security tokens
  • Customization of the  blockchain
  • Valuation of securities by the audit team
  • Provide a dashboard for investors 
  • Tokens are offered through STO under the legal framework
  • The token is complete and now listed on the exchange.