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How To Deploy White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange software?

Before the product deployment, it needs to pass out various process such as
[b]Bug Fixing[/b]
It is the first-ever testing process before the product deployment, In this process, they have taken several methodologies to identify the bug, Once the bugs are identified and cleared. The product is moved to the Demo Test.
[b]API Integration Test[/b]
Software is nothing without API. The Individual functionality of every API is much important and it defines the efficiency of the product. 
[b]UI/UX Testing[/b]
UI/UX Testing such as working of navigation bars, buttons and the level of user convenience are  tested
[b]Demo Test[/b]
Once the Product has passed all kinds of test such as Bug fixing test, API Integration Test, UI/UX test, it comes for demo test here, the product is tested as the whole
[b]Trade Testing[/b]
Trade testing is conducted  with a minimum number of people to check how the entire trading process works, In this process, numerous factors are checked form registration of users from the payment transaction
[b]Beta Version Testing[/b]
Beta Version Testing is the final stage of testing, Here we can validate the usability, reliability, and functionality of the product.

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