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Top reasons to choose LocalBitcoins for your crypto trading

1.The largest P2P Bitcoin trading platform with over 1 000 000 registered users  and a trading volume of $11,325.37 USD which has a global marketplace
2. LocalBitcoins supports more than 248 countries to Buy/Sell Bitcoins with their local currencies which do not require verification of KYC.
3. is de-centralized, ie., you can make a trade directly with another person without the involvement of admin or third parties.
4. LocalBitcoins allows users to buy and sell bitcoins through the process of posting an advertisement on the website along with trading rates and payment methods.
5. The notable thing in LocalBitcoins is the reputation and feedback mechanism for finding and filtering trustworthy traders on the exchange.
6. Users of LocalBitcoins are free to fix their own price and limits for their trading, ie., no limits for buying and selling of Bitcoins.
7. LocalBitcoins supports a wide range of payment methods, in which Cash Deposite is the most popular method of payment.

Thus you can choose LocalBitcoins for your cryptocurrency trading. If you are a business individual, looking to start your own crypto exchange, you can start your own cryptocurrency exchange platform like LocalBitcoins using LocalBitcoins Clone Script .
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