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What are the best P2P platforms in India?

Check out the best P2P Platforms I recommended below.

Blockchain App Factory[/url]

Blockchain App Factory building you a robust, scalable P2P exchange platform with the features of Multiple Cryptocurrencies support, Multi-Language Support, Dominant Trading engine, Automated KYC & AML verification, Crypto Swaps, Payment Gateway integration, Multi-Factor Authentication, Multi-Currency wallet, Admin Panel, Preferred trading

[url=]BuyUCoin (P2P) (Indian)

BuyUCoin is another Indian crypto exchange that offers to trade between multiple cryptocurrencies. Recently they have introduced the P2P feature for INR deposit and withdrawal to the platform.

Remitano (Global)
Remitano is a P2P cryptocurrency marketplace where users can easily buy or sell major cryptos directly with alternative payment methods including bank transfer, cash deposit, or mobile money. It offers simple UI, 24×7 customer care, and lowest fee compared to another market.
It is quite evident that P2P cryptocurrency exchanges will be the order of the future. Big global economic powers are slowly embracing the utility of blockchain and are accepting cryptocurrency with every passing day. Given this progress, a P2P cryptocurrency exchange may be one of the mainstream exchange mechanisms in the future.