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The Battle of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Continues As Bitcoin Takes Over Ethereum

The amount of Ether locked in decentralized applications (DeFI) has been on a constant decline since hitting the peak at 3.2 million ETH in February.
In the past three months, the amount of ETH locked dropped almost 19% and over 7% in less than a week.
Currently, 2.6 million ETH are locked in DeFi, as per Defi Pulse, with Maker accounting for 50% of this followed by Compound and InstaDapp.

Total value locked in DeFi also fell from over $1.2 billion in February to $530 million in March, following the Black Thursday. However, unlike Ether, this amount has grown to nearly $850 million.
This growth could also be the result of the Bitcoin locked in DeFi besides rising price.
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