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The Twitter Bonus issue

Do people have the same problem with the STHC bonus program in Twittet as in my later case?
1. I tweeted the #I_RECOMMEND_STHCOIN command like every day, and TAG into friends I knew I had some STHC events, but now all the people I TAG in don't have, this situation happened for 5 days for  with my account
2. I do the project's Tweet and my friend TAG, and I reply to the project's tweet with some people, all I do is zero, even I tried TAG  on some people, the result is still 0
3. Another very important issue is that the number of STHCs that I Tweet is decreasing every day.  The first day I tag 27 people, the system reports I tag 0 people, and I get 0.15 STHC.  The second day is still the same, but the 2nd day is 0.1.  Passed to the 3rd is 0.005 STHC.
Please help me !

Soothing Coin Gmail account:
Address STHC: jPL3NbD3gCCZnFvdk3t1J4ysyoCyLcVmw1

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