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Why launch a leverage/margin exchange? What are the key benefits?

First of all, a leverage/margin trading exchange is a platform that permits the traders to control exchanges by acquiring extra assets so as to intensify their situation in the market. To improve, rather than contributing the absolute market value, the speculator stores with a leverage ratio offered by the exchange, where he/she can obtain a sum larger than the margin that they invest in. Here, margin refers to the base sum that the client deposits with the exchange, so as to start the trade. Blockchain App Factory is one of the organizations right now in the market that offers an elite margin trading platform for your business!

What are the key advantages? 

Wider borrow limits
Progressive API integrations
Perpetual profits
Improved return ratios
Deleveraging option

Must-have features for a Leverage/margin trading platform

matching trading engines
Smart order routing
Standardized GDPR compliance
Multi-Account Management
Risk management
Perpetual Contract
Conditional trading
Trading bonuses.etc,