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SurfExUtilityToken (SURF) is the official Exchange Utility Token for cryptocurrency exchange. MercuriEx exchange was developed in late 2017 and has been operational ever since.
In late 2019 SurfTheWeb Ltd UK purchased the fully operational exchange with the view of expanding operations to a global userbase. The exchange is already optimised to handle high volume trading and there is a clean and simple to navigate user interface.
As a promotional offer, MercuriEx have 0% trade fees until the end of March (this may be extended). Normal trade fees are very low at just 0.2% for both limit and market orders, however users will have the ability to gain 0% maker-fee (limit orders) by fulfilling certain requirements (such as maintaining a small amount of SURF in their exchange wallets).
Exchange users who opt to pay their trade-fees with SURF will also receive a significant discount on market-order trade fees, effectively reducing their trade fees by 50%. MercuriEx will also allow users to pay for other services and fees in SURF tokens, usually at a discounted rate. Services such as withdrawal fees, Coin Listing Fees, IEO Listing Fees etc.

Bonuses and Discounts

March 23rd to March 30th 2020 - 50% Discount

Token Issuer
SurfTheWeb LTD

Token Info & Economics

Max token supply

Initial supply

Token type
ERC-20 (Ethereum Based)

Coin Usage and Ecosystem
As with many Exchanges who utilise their own Exchange Utility Tokens, our Utility Token SURF Coin can be used to pay for various fees on the exchange, usually at a discounted rate* including but not limited to:
Exchange Trading Fees
Withdrawal Fees
IEO Listing Fees
Crypto Listing Fees
And Other Services
*Discounted rates will be shown for each service/fee in our Terms & Conditions pages on the website in the future.
We will burn 100,000,000 Tokens. Starting in 12 Months, we will Burn 10m tokens per Month. This will reduce the Max Supply to 150m in 12 months from now

Token Allocation

Exchange Reserve (40%)
Public Distribution (30%)
IEO Token Sales (20%)
Exchange Staff Wages (10%)


Dr Robert Parry

President of cryptocurrency exchange. Robert is an experienced President with a demonstrated history of working in the hospitality industry. Skilled in Digital Strategy, Marketing Management, Customer Acquisition, Sales, and Event Management. Strong business development professional with a PhD in Psychology from Edinburgh University. He has run several lucrative businesses & consulting projects for almost 40 years covering a broad spectrum of major investments (including green/socially responsible investment projects) in the financial Industry. These included successful ventures in Fashion, Household, Real estate, Automobiles, Hospitality, Sporting events. Finally, he also is an accredited freelance journalist for over 30 years and a bona fide member of the National Union of Journalists UK.

Mr David Board
Vice President of cryptocurrency exchange. David has owned and successfully run a bricks-and-mortar business for several years, prior to that he managed a team of staff and assignments for a decade, scheduling work deadlines and successfully completing projects on time across different arenas and teams. Since discovering cryptocurrency in late 2013 he has forged relationships with individuals and companies throughout the space, including developers, marketers and traders. In 2015, he published a book, titled “Bitcoin, Digital Money Explained”, a beginner’s guide to understanding cryptocurrency.

Matthew D.
Lead Developer for the back-end operation of the exchange, Responsible for Server and Node Maintenance.

Brandon C.
Lead Developer for pipelines between front-end and back-end operations of the exchange, Responsible for general operations between user interface and back-end operations.

Waleed D.
Lead Developer for user interface / front-end operations of the exchange, Responsible for everything the front-end user sees when using the exchange.
Notable Advisors and Investors

Carlton Dasher
Harvest Time Group - Certified Financial Consultants

• The exchange is fast and has been optimised for high volume trading.
• The user interface is clean and simple to navigate.
• We support BTC and TUSD base-markets and intend to introduce other stable-coin base pairs in the future such as USDT.
• We have 0% trade fees until the end of March. After March, the exchange fees will be very low at just 0.2% for both limit and market orders.
• After SURF token is integrated into the exchange operation, users can pay trade fees with SURF token and receive a 50% discount on trade fees.
• Market Makers (traders placing limit orders) will be able to obtain 0% trade fees for limit orders if they fulfill certain requirements, such as maintaining a small amount of SURF in their exchange wallet

Technology exchange is built from the ground up by a team of highly skilled and dedicated developers who are still involved in the day to day maintenance and security of the exchange.This exchange uses proprietary code making it extremely versatile for future expansion and growth.
The exchange is owned and run by a small, very dedicated team of enthusiastic professionals. As we expand operations Globally we intend to increase our team as required, to ensure traders experience a high quality service at all times.

      • MercuriEx Exchange Developed
      • MercuriEx Purchased by SurfTheWeb
Q1 2020
      • SURF Token Created
      • Exchange Listings & IEO Starts
Q2 2020
      • Complete SURF IEO
Q2 2020
      • Exchange Integration of SURF, allowing users to pay trade fees in SURF
2020 onwards
      • Improve existing Services and Expand Operations globally

Team Story
Robert Parry and David Board have both been involved in the cryptocurrency space since late 2013, initially as interested hobbyists and traders and later forming a friendship through a small group of like-minded enthusiasts. The two have worked closely together as advisors and support staff for several small crypto projects over the years. Robert has a vast amount of experience with various successful ventures in the world of finance, sales and marketing. David owns and runs "TheCryptoArmory", a cryptocurrency news website.
With their views set firmly on the future of FinTech and the financial markets, specifically with cryptocurrency in mind, the two decided to take their relationship to another level and in 2019 purchased the crypto exchange a fully functional and proprietary exchange.
“With our combined contacts and strong links in the cryptocurrency arena, including professionals, developers, marketers, support staff and traders we are confident that we can make the Cryptocurrency Exchange a highly successful and profitable exchange for both users and investors.”

Please be aware that LATOKEN charges fee from this project.
Please note that Token sale is managed by Token issuer. All info in relation to the project is provided by Token Issuer. LATOKEN provide service of listing project's info on its platform. Please be aware that Token Issuer is not U.S. entity and tokens purchasing is not allowed for U.S. citizens.
LATOKEN does not give any investment, legal, tax, financial advice or warranty of token price performance or successful fundraising. Information on this webpage is presented by a project and is not endorsed or verified by LATOKEN unless it is explicitly stated. Neither LATOKEN nor any of its officers, directors, agents and employees makes any warranty, express or implied, of any kind whatsoever related to the adequacy, accuracy or completeness of information on this web page.
LATOKEN mission is to connect contributors with entrepreneurs. Contributing via tokens could be a great way to build a better future while it involves high risk of losing contribution value.

IEO period
23 Mar - 24 Apr


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