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The Comprehensive Crypto Anthology

Learning about the crypto space can be an intimidating endeavor. The wide array of media channels and an immense volume of content make it increasingly difficult to discern signal from noise. We want it to be as easy as possible to conquer the crypto learning curve, so we aggregated our favorite posts, papers, and guides here.

We start with a high-level overview of blockchain technology and move into progressively more complex concepts. We will continue to add sections and resources as we come across new and interesting content. If you see something missing or have general suggestions, please reach out to me!
Section 1: Learn About Blockchains Section 2: Blockchains as Monetary Platforms
Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash Litecoin Ripple Monero Zcash Decred Grin Beam Section 3: Blockchains as Application Platforms
Ethereum Stellar EOS Cardano Tezos Zilliqa Section 4: Interoperability Platforms
Cosmos Network Polkadot Network AION Network Section 5: Protocols & Applications Built On Blockchains “Web 3.0”
General Information Layer 2 Scalability Solutions Decentralized Cloud (compute, storage, etc) Identity Decentralized Finance Section 6: Advanced Concepts in Blockchain & Cryptocurrency
Economics & Financing Cryptography Concepts Computer Science/Distributed Computing Concepts Game Theory/Mechanism Design