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Have Institutional Investors Left the Crypto Building?

BTC spot prices today show consolidation and a few slight gains during the late afternoon trading sessions on March 14. If BTC prices continue to rise throughout Sunday’s trading sessions, then GBTC shares will likely see a lift in value on Monday. Despite the market downturn, people think that institutional investors have stuck around while others believe they have left crypto markets. “The rumors are institutional investors triggered the bitcoin cascade,” one crypto proponent tweeted on Saturday. “Today proves that institutions buying Bitcoin has a flip side,” tweeted Jimmy Song two days prior. During his interview Grayscale’s managing director Sonnenschein said that BTC as an asset class won’t be going away any time soon.

“There is ever-growing evidence that this asset class is not going away — investors want access to it, and if the legacy institutions want to remain competitive, they’re going to have to open the door to this asset class for their clients,” Sonnenschein said.