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Nocoiners Eager to Buy Bitcoin (BTC) Now: Reasons

Twitter user Hodlonaut is widely known for being the first target of the self-assumed Bitcoin creator Craig Wright in the series of the legal actions he started against various crypto users in 2019, including Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin.
Wright even asked for BSV community’s help to assist him in identifying the real name and address of Hodlonaut.
In his recent tweet, Hodlonaut shared a curious fact – two of his friends, nocoiners, have contacted him to ask how they can buy Bitcoin now.
‘Bitcoin is here to stay’, nocoiners say
Hodlonaut says that his friends’ interest is due to the recent global events – the stock market collapse and the recent cash printing when the Fed issued $1.5 trillion in an attempt to support the economy.
Quote:[Image: hAUUOgaZ_bigger.jpg]
[/url]hodlonaut[Image: 1f32e.png][Image: 26a1.png][Image: 1f511.png]@hodlonaut

Two nocoiner friends contacted me today asking how they can buy Bitcoin.

6:33 PM - Mar 13, 2020
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As per Hodlonaut, his friends have referred to Bitcoin as ‘here to stay’. Now the price has declined so buying BTC has become much easier.

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Norway rejects foreigners due to COVID-19
As the situation with the coronavirus keeps developing, Hodlonaut tweets that he and his fiancé are on the way to Norway. He writes that Norway has begun rejecting foreigners from outside Nordic countries and there are local army troops at the airport to ensure people are not allowed in.
Quote:[Image: hAUUOgaZ_bigger.jpg]
hodlonaut[Image: 1f32e.png][Image: 26a1.png][Image: 1f511.png]@hodlonaut

Stressful day ahead....
My fiance is on her way to Norway by plane, but Norway from this morning started rejecting foreigner from outside Nordic coutries. Army at the airport to enforce. Seems to be an option to accept 14 day quarantine to get in, but things are chaotic...

8:26 AM - Mar 14, 2020
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As reported by the media earlier, Norway had closed its borders for two weeks for all travellers outside Nordic countries. Besides, all Norway citizens who have returned from travelling outside the Nordic region must say at home for fourteen days.