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SurfEx UtilityToken Presale

SurfExUtilityToken (SURF) is the official Exchange Utility Token for cryptocurrency exchange. MercuriEx exchange was developed in late 2017 and has been operational ever since.
In late 2019 SurfTheWeb Ltd UK purchased the fully operational exchange with the view of expanding operations to a global userbase. The exchange is already optimised to handle high volume trading and there is a clean and simple to navigate user interface.
As a promotional offer, MercuriEx have 0% trade fees until the end of March (this may be extended). Normal trade fees are very low at just 0.2% for both limit and market orders, however users will have the ability to gain 0% maker-fee (limit orders) by fulfilling certain requirements (such as maintaining a small amount of SURF in their exchange wallets).
Exchange users who opt to pay their trade-fees with SURF will also receive a significant discount on market-order trade fees, effectively reducing their trade fees by 50%. MercuriEx will also allow users to pay for other services and fees in SURF tokens, usually at a discounted rate. Services such as withdrawal fees, Coin Listing Fees, IEO Listing Fees etc.

Buy SURF from Core team before starting IEO

Telegram username:  @BoardDavid


Hello AltcoinN family,

As many of you know, we are strategic partners with AltcoinN. As such, we have some upcoming project listings that we will be announcing when the time comes closer.

In the meantime, we would very much like your support. We have our official IEO starting soon with LAToken and would like your support to share our social media posts and where possible support the IEO directly.

Unfortunately, the larger IEO will be closed to the USA, as LAToken does not allow USA based users to take part in IEOs. Anyone in the US who is interested in taking part, please feel free to contact us directly, or via u/BelaBalog who has our direct contact info. We have some private placement availability BEFORE 23rd March (before the official IEO sale starts).

Below is a list of our Social Media links that we have been posting today about the upcoming IEO on Latoken. Please feel free to help us out by liking / sharing / following etc. The more people who know about and take part in the IEO the better, as the more we raise in the IEO the quicker we can grow and expand our operations and the better we can support the listed projects on the exchange.

I have used a link-shortener on some of these, because some of them a the length of a post!
As above, we would very much appreciate your help with spreading the word about the upcoming IEO, so if you can share any of these posts on the social media they are posted to (i.e. "share" on Facebook, "Retweet" on Twitter "clap" on Medium etc), it could really help.

Thank you in advance,

Telegram (come join us):

and of course, more info on the website at in the news / blog page.