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Cobinhood kicks out co-founder and CEO due to 'emotional instability’

The 'zero-fees' cryptocurrency exchange, Cobinhood, announced that its co-founder and CEO, Mr. Popo Chen, was let go due to emotional instability.

Cobinhood made the announcement on its Telegram account, where they stated that the co-founder and CEO, Mr Popo Chen, ceased to participate with the company, and this since late April 2019.

According to the announcement, the co-founder's 'emotional instability and personal behaviors have caused safety concerns' for its employees.

The cryptocurrency exchange also disclosed the fact that it has filed a police report against Chen and has ordered employees to work from home until their personal safety can be ensured.

Cobinhood is organizing a Q&A session and will provide a video response with all the answers they are legally allowed to provide on Wednesday 8 pm Taiwan time.