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Investors are already making deposits for the launch of Bitfinex's LEO

Yesterday, the opening of the preliminary phases of the upcoming LEO token got some headlines across crypto media. And today, the first reports are emerging with regards to the development of the pre-ordering phase.

Twitter user ziruiz shared the following screenshot just a couple hours ago, where three transferences, displayed both in the equivalent LEO and USDT, are shown. Even though one of them only amounts to $1,000, the other two count for almost $1 million, pointing out towards a noticeable volume coming from Bitfinex’s Initial Exchange Offering (IEO).

The LEO token is quite a new form of IEO. Instead of raising funds to improve or develop further the exchange, all odds point out towards the possibility that the $1bilion target raisings will be used, at least partially, to cover for the about $850 million in allegedly frozen funds.