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Complete know-how about set up your own p2p trading exchange software

In this current digitally evolving stage, most of us would be well known with the top trending terms i.e Digital currencies and cryptocurrency trading exchanges. Cryptocurrencies are digital forms of currencies and crypto trading exchanges, acts as a medium of the exchange process, where traders can trade their cryptocurrencies for other digital assets or fiat money. The crypto exchange trading platforms are blockchain-based in general, which is a technology that assists controls, verify and secures transactions, thereby protecting user’s interest. P2P is one of the choicest crypto exchange platforms among potential investors. 

What is a P2P exchange platform? 

P2P exchange is nothing but Peer-peer exchanges, where a platform allows direct, decentralized transactions amongst two parties without involvement from any third party or authority. Peer-peer exchanges are comparatively more secure, quicker and easier for investors, hence is preferred more as mentioned earlier. It also involves various other benefits like, 
  • 24/7 trading process
  • Globalization
  • Lower transaction costs
  • Secure payments
  • Elimination of third parties
If you are aspiring to be a part of the crypto business world, peer-peer exchanges are a fitting choice. But how to create your own peer-peer exchange software? What are the necessary inclusions? Let’s find out. 

Essential inclusions for p2p exchange software: 
  • Multiple cryptocurrency support
  • Multi-Language support
  • Automated KYC/AML 
  • Powerful trading engine
  • Multi-currency, secure wallet
  • Advanced blockchain technology
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Preferred trading option
  • Admin Panel
  • Crypto-swapping option
  • Payment gateway integration
To create a robust p2p trading exchange software, with all the above mentioned necessary integrations, the best option is to hire a top p2p exchange software solutions company, like Blockchain App Factory. They are one of the recognized market leaders in developing exchange platforms and will offer reliable Whitelabel solutions for your exchange. Their platforms are feature-rich and highly scalable and can be customized based on user preferences.