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Pepsi increased efficiency by almost 30% thanks to the Zilliqa blockchain

The codenamed Project Proton has been working on a test campaign with PepsiCo, with savings for the firm amounting up to a 28% thanks to these smart contracts.

The involvement of the cryptocurrency will be aimed at deploying smart contracts via the Zilliqa’s blockchain, while reconciling impressions from different data sources along payments, via a Native Alliance Token (NAT) in almost real-time, therefore guaranteeing the aforementioned efficiency boost.

Since the beginning of April, Zilliqa has entered a downtrend which has pushed its prices down from peaks around the $0.025 range. However, in the last 24 hours the asset has gained back about 3% of its value, following the news of the use of its blockchain by PepsiCo and Mindshare in their efficiency boosting trials.