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OUROBOROS" Announcement ?

Ouroboros is a a next-generation DPoS cryptocurrency built on top of the Cosmos-SDK and Tendermint. The coin achieves high transaction throughput and low fees while being easy to manage. 

What makes the project unique❓

? Security is a key:
We're using two-factor authentication (Google Authenticator) for our wallet and we conduct security audits through our private bug-bounty program. 

? Optimal Economic Model:
We have considered all the mistakes of our predecessors and created an optimal economic model that avoids inflation and keeps the price stable and high.

⚡ Throughput:
Currently, it takes ~6 seconds to generate a new block and the blockchain can handle up to 1k transactions per second. 

? Open-Source:
Before the end of this year, we're going to publish all the projects under the open-source license.

❗Paramining is a key feature that Ouroboros can offer you. Your paramining earnings can be ~15% in a month!

❗A perfect solution for multi-level marketing leaders - building a network of followers is a part of Ouroboros blockchain.

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