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Charlie Lee (LTC), to Pomp: "I’m taking full credit for the price rise"

Anthony Pompliano, co-founder and partner at Morgan Creek Digital and well-known in the crypto space for his “Off the Chain” podcast, had Litecoin creator Charlie Lee as a guest to his show on the latest episode. He started the interview ready to rumble, stating that this time he was willing to take credit for the price rise since him and Pomp spoke for the last time, given that he gets the blame when prices go down.

Lee’s first encounter with BTC and crypto was in 2011, with the original Bitcoin whitepaper authored by Satoshi Nakamoto, and the forums. The irruption of Litecoin followed up not much later, in October 2011.

Back then, Lee would trade Bitcoin locally with people, meeting them up in places such as Starbucks or McDonalds shops, and that involved either waiting for about an hour so that confirmations would be fulfilled, or trusting people which in most cases were probably strangers.