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Blockstream’s CEO Adam Back believes Satoshi Nakamoto is an individual

Blockstream’s CEO Adam Back had a sitdown with Cryptofinder at Consensus 2019, where he discussed his views on the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto and network decentralization.

The CEO of Blockstream told Cryptofinder that he believes that the Bitcoin founder, Satoshi Nakamoto is an individual, and not a organization, or a group of people.

Back further supported his claim by pointing towards the continuity in coding and writing style in Satoshi’s emails and papers.

'The original Bitcoin version is implemented on Windows, which is also kind of atypical. Most of the applied crypto and networking programmers or consultants tend to work on Linux', Back added.

Perhaps most telling, is that the self-proclaimed cypherpunk, felt that his initial email conversations with Satoshi Nakamoto made the sender seem like an individual who looked at the inflation problem in a fresh way.

Back as well talked about the implications of increasing the block size for the crypto industry.

He believes that using bandwidth for processing transactions can be taxing for developing demographics such as Africa and India, and suggested the use of satellite bandwidth, which, according to Back, can help countries with expensive internet connections.