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Carol MacPherson professional voice over artist accepts Bankcoin Reserve (BCR)

From acting and singing to training and teaching, effective communication has always been at the heart of Carol MacPherson. Now at the height of her career, she is moving into the future by accepting Bankcoin Reserve (BCR) for her professional services.

Like Bankcoin Reserve (BCR) Carol MacPherson has no barriers and accepts work from any country in the world.  Carol has always been interested in helping people by teaching and informing. She began at a young age when her fourth grade teacher asked Carol to help her read “Charlotte’s Web” aloud to the class.
Carol loved being a part of this creative, learning process and has invested her career and creativity in getting the memorable messages out in a myriad of ways.

She has done this through singing and acting on stage and camera as well as developing training and instructing others in the classroom and online.

Just send a short note about your project with a link to your script, and within 48 hours Carol and Hushed Intensity will send you a quote for your project. Get your message out there with all of the creativity and passion it can embody by contacting Hushed Intensity Voice Over for your next project!
Email me at:
Or call me directly at:  407 607 5338