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This magician is an underground close up magician originally from Chile. He has travelled around the world doing magic for twelve years non-stop. He also accepts Bankcoin Reserve (BCR) for his services.

My experience goes from being on TV to competing in the World Championship of Magic. I have performed in many exclusive parties in countries like Brazil, England, Spain, Bali, US, France, Holland, Switzerland, Germany amongst others.
His skills in close up magic with cards, coins and small objects are one of the most visual and dynamic in the field and he has amazed thousands of guests in all kinds of events. He can perform in English, Spanish or Portuguese…

He is an international magician that brings his magic from country to country. Nowadays he is mainly going to high seasons between Europe, Asia, U.S.A and South America. He has been working mainly in exclusive events, private parties, nightclubs and restaurants where he offers different services like the ones on this website, Money Magic.

For him magic is an existential experience that brings our “mystic child-like ignorance” about the Universe into our day-to-day lives.  To witness magic is an opportunity to let yourselves go and enjoy the emotions of the moment. Magic is not about the tricks or their secrets, its about transcending and surrendering our ego to be fully present to the wonders of the “here” and “now”. His magical art is a unique mixture of philosophy and psychology attempting to create a brief space in the audiences’ mind that allows them to question and doubt their convictions about the reality of the world…”

If you would like to hire him, contact him at his website: