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Slingan Pty Ltd or Coconut Story as most clients know us is a Brisbane based distribution company for your foodie needs. We were incorporated in June 2015 as a distribution arm for Organic Coconut Products manufactured in Sri Lanka.

What started as a single focus on Coconut related products has now expanded to include a whole array of tasty, healthy and nourishing products.
Coconut Story is synonymous with great service, on-time deliveries and most importantly working with each individual client to tailor the product range to suit their clientele, location and interests. We currently distribute to all parts of Australia with warehouses based in Queensland and Victoria.
[Image: coco_2.jpeg]
As a company that manufactures some of the brands distributed under our banner we have a deep understanding of export/import requirements. We offer a variety of solutions to clients all over the world from concept to finished product.
As our name implies, we believe every customer has a story and we use that narrative to curate the product range to suit the client.
We pride ourselves in providing friendly and personalized service to all of our customers. Our commitment to maintain these high standards have help build a company that clients trust to deliver, where others may waver. We adopt strict quality measures and procedures to ensure our products meet the highest quality standards.
Our range has been carefully chosen and is not produced on a commercial scale, so you can be rest assured these producers are small businesses putting their passion, love and care into creating these products. This also helps maintain the quality of each item and keep manufacturers honest rather than cutting corners to meet demand.
[Image: coco_3.jpeg][Image: coco4.jpeg]Our coconut products are from Sri Lanka and are manufactured by a Family owned business for over 40 years. Our quality manufacturing processes are reflected in a high-quality product.
We are dynamic company and are quick on our feet with acquiring products that are on trend and staying ahead of the curve with future growth areas.
[Image: COCONUT-e1574822702734.jpg]
The current product range includes…
Organic and Non-Organic Coconut Products
Coconut Oil, Coconut Cream and Milk, Coconut Sugar, Coconut Oil Cooking Spray and Toasted Coconut Chips
Vegan Meals
Australian Manuka Honey
Australian Organic Corn Chips
Australian Oats
Green Banana Flour
Basmati Rice and Brown Rice
Premium Australian Nuts
Large range of lentils, beans and spices
Superfood Powders
Shelf ready flat breads

Coconut Story is a trusted partner for your distribution needs within Australia.
For our kin in other countries, we specialize in tailoring some of our products for the export market and can help grow your range of products.

[Image: coco_5.jpg]
Contact us via our website or email us directly via for any information. We are here to help and would love to chat.