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Why dApps aren't as doomed as you think

If you’ve been in the cryptocurrency and blockchain community for a while, then you’ve surely heard the phrase “we just need a killer app” to get crypto into the mainstream. Now, as you’ve most likely also noticed, many of the current decentralized applications that are out there have great ideas backing them — perhaps even revolutionary ones — so why aren’t any of these dApps achieving widespread use? Why aren’t they, or one of them, the “killer app” that we need? I certainly don’t think the gambling dApps topping the daily usage tracking charts would constitute such an app.

The answer to why none of the current dApps represent the “white whale” of killer apps isn’t complex, nor is it especially intriguing. It’s actually quite simple. Most everyday users just don’t understand how the dApps work, or they feel as if there’s too great a barrier to use the product. 
Let’s look at an example. Say Alice wants to play a game built on Ethereum; before she even grazes the first level, she’ll have to set up a web 3 application such as MetaMask, writing down a mnemonic phrase to set up a wallet. After this lengthy exercise, she might also even need to acquire ETH in order to interact with the platform’s smart contracts.
If I was Alice and completely new to crypto and its benefits, I’d probably play just about any other game. This is obviously an issue, so how do we solve it?
The “Just Improve UI/UX” Silliness
The solution of improving UI/UX is the typical suggestion