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Chinese government looks to create tourist city that only accepts crypto

Would you visit a tourist city that does not accept fiat cash for anything, but rather only accepts cryptocurrencies? 

The Chinese government is looking to make the impossible possible, with the creation of a essentially decentralized City. The development which is currently being planned for 835 acres of the Malaysian city of Malacca, could be the the first ever blockchain-based tourist city in the world.

The project is called the Melaka Straits City Project and will feature blockchain based payment methods for any public services used during the holiday. Melaka Straits City main focus will be for tourism, but will also offer business and educational services to interested parties.

Lim Keng Kai, an official representative of Melaka Straits City, explained that visitors will be able to pay for services with the DMI coin on the DMI platform around the city. DMI will be partnering with the City to handle the payment aspect of things, with their cybersecurity, mobile enterprise and business intelligence experience. Users will be able to make use of their PC, or cell phones using the iOS or Android app to make payments with DMI coin, in the city.