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TXT swap page is live now !!!

Ozinex has opened the TXT swap page. Now, All user can swap TXT-O to TXT in Ozinex

TuneTrade is a platform that empowers personal brands. Whether you’re a musician, a vlogger, or a streamer, we make it easy for any influencer to provide a unique connection to their core audience through the creation of a community coin. Our vision is to utilize smart contracts and distributed ledgers to provide fans with a new medium for engaging with their favorite brands.
TuneTrade has 2 TXT token: Tune Trade Token (TXT-O) and TuneTradex (TXT). And TuneTrade team only use TuneTradeX in all market, So please swap TXT-O to TXT in Ozinex first.
Tune Trade Token (TXT-O) Information:
TuneTradex (TXT) Information:
How to swap TXT-O to TXT?
=> Let read careful here: [url=][/url]