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TuneTrade Swap will be opened in 14th July 2019

Ozinex team will support TuneTrade Swap in Ozinex Platform. 
The TuneTrade Swap Detail:
TXT-O available for Depositing: 5th July 2019 0:00 (UTC)
TXT-O available for Swap: 14th July 2019 00:00 (UTC)
Requirement for swap:
  • User need pass KYC

  • 1,000 TXT limited each user daily

  • 100,000 TXT limited daily
Where user can deposit TXT-O?
  1. Go to Fund:

  2. Select TXT-O section:

  3. Get TXT-O Wallet

  4. Deposit TXT-O
[Image: swap.png]

Notice: User need check smartcontract before deposit. If user deposit wrong token, you will lose token