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The age of IEOs seems to be coming to an end.

With the current altcoin bleed at record high, most plebs are now bag holders of exchange Tokens. ?

Many exchanges have already paused their IEO platforms officially, for others the news is yet to be announced. Huobi suspended their Prime Platform. Binance revived their community voting platform. Also a sign for pausing of IEOs. Okex were also supposed to announce the next one. Didnt happen yet.

People are calling 2019 a bull market, but from my experience in a bull market people are not REKT to the point the exchanges suspend their IEOs. To me that feels more like the start of a down trend, at least for Alts. 

What words would I use to describe the altcoin market?
- Overvalued
- Under delivered 
- Scams
- Lack of cashflow
- Lack of value generation

Only innovation that came out of the alts are new ways to steal retailer’s money in a globally unregulated market.