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Crypto Market Prices News and Price Predictions

The cryptocurrency market is one of the most unstable and fluctuating spheres. The crypto market prices keep changing day by day. It happens because the price of any altcoin depends on lots of different factors including market capitalization, the number of coins and trades per day, and the popularity of a particular coin, let alone the fact that banks and governments cannot influence and control the price fluctuation.
However, this fluctuation is not a bad thing. If you choose the right coin to invest in, one day you can become a millionaire. All you need is keep watching and analyzing the market trends. The crypto market watch needs a constant crypto update. Analyzing the market may become a challenging task for amateurs in digital money sphere. If you belong to them, don’t worry, we have a solution for you. Read on to find out the latest news, updates, and the price analysis of these coins.
[Image: Crypto31-1.jpg] EOS Coin News and Updates on EOS Coin Market Cap
The top latest EOS crypto news comes from the Chinese blockchain ranking report. Due to the report posted by China Electronic Information Industry Development (CCID), the Chinese consider EOS as #1 digital coin. The criteria for each coin were composed of basic tech capabilities, applicability, and creativity. The total index of crypto EOS was 150.5, and it dominates the list. The report stated that this coin’s blockchain is also the preferred platform for Dapp development.
Nonetheless, there is some less positive EOS news for crypto. Whiteblock, a scalable test system for blockchain, conducted the testing of crypto EOS. During the test the following criteria were analyzed:
  • The throughput of each transaction;
  • Elasticity to unfavorable conditions of the network and system faults;
  • The amount of time needed to process a transaction.
The results showed that the system lacks throughput power, as it is much lower than it was initially stated. Besides, the EOS misses fault tolerance, and this feature is necessary for any blockchain’s successful work.
As you can see, the recent EOS coin news has divided into opposite sides. On the one hand, there is a top rating by the Chinese organization CCID, but on the other hand, the dissatisfactory results of Whiteblock testing are unpromising. Let’s analyze in what way they influenced the EOS coin price.
EOS Coin Price Analysis: EOS current price and price prediction
The market cap of the coin is $5.081 Bn, and due to it, EOS takes the 5th place in the top coins’ rating. The EOS crypto price, unlike eos prices, stays within the scale of $5-6. However, we may observe a stable continuous price growth since November 1. Since the day CCID announced their blockchain ranking report, the EOS prices have grown from $5.26 to $5.42.
Experts predict that the EOS price crypto will keep growing because of the announcement of the partnership between the decentralized exchange Bancor and EOS. These platforms announced the beginning of cross-chain trading by using their own BTN tokens for transactions. So, if you are looking for investments to make, you should consider EOS as one of the most promising altcoins to date.
Bitcoin Market Analysis
As a leader of the crypto market, BTC loses its stable position. The CCID report proves this statement. Even though this coin takes the 1st place in terms of creativity, its overall position in the list is 19th. Experts highlight that being the best in innovation doesn’t mean being the best in the cryptocurrency list. They say that the reason for Bitcoin's deterioration is its lack of appropriate advances in the development and its impossibility to create significant technological changes.
[Image: Crypto31-2.jpg]When it comes to bitcoin market analysis, experts pay much attention to three main factors:
  1. [b]Moving Averages[/b]. In November, BTC reached the crucial 50-day MA of $6,400. This MA sets because of traders’ uncertainty about where the price will go. The price now doesn’t suggest favorable conditions for BTC buying and stays in the unfavorable zone.
  2. [b]Volume. [/b]The BTC volume has fallen since February. It is shown at all volume indicators. For instance, the volume indicator CMF expresses volume amount by blending price and volume in one metric. If the coin’s position is above zero, it’s unworthy. The BTC ultimately reaches the level below zero, and it tends to keep its position.
  3. [b]Price. [/b]We’ll discuss it at length in the next section.
The Bitcoin Price Analysis
The current price of BTC (as of November 6) is $6,420. Although it has reduced compared to a recent price of $6,525, experts observe its bullish trend. The current price is a point of resistance, and if BTC scores this point, it will reach the next wave. However, the BTC volatility keeps reducing to an unprecedented point. The market capitalization of bitcoin reaches $111.68 bn.
[Image: Crypto31-3.jpg]On the graph, the BTC-USD pair is currently above the $6,375 support and the 100 hourly moving average. The new price wave can start after scoring the point of $6,420. It may escalate from $6,420 to $6,440.
Litecoin Market Analysis and Litecoin Updates
The latest news about Litecoin was announced today by a very popular trading platform OKEx. Since November 6 the new trading pairs of Litecoin-Bitcoin and Bitcoin-Litecoin are available for margin trades for the users of this platform. The margin trading differs from regulars in some points:
  1. You need to have a special margin wallet to have access to this kind of trades;
  2. You borrow assets from a broker instead of buying or selling;
  3. It provides more potential for gaining profits. However, it is riskier.
Another significant cryptocurrency news for Litecoin was announced by Ripple. The system launches a new tool called xRapid. It is said to enable the remittance process to become faster and convenient for the users.
Because of this news, the Litecoin market analysis for today is quite promising. The bullish trend established and the price will probably continue growing. Two prominent companies like MIT and SBI Group have already employed xRapid, and the use of Ripple will grow.
[Image: Crypto-34-1.jpg]
Litecoin Price and Trading Volume
At the time of writing, the litecoin price in USD is $54.28. The market cap has reached the point of $3,205,148,764, and the amount of trading for 24 hours is $362,945,926. From the date of the news announcement about xRapid, the bitcoin lite price keeps growing.
According to experts from ethereumworldnews, as long as the bitcoin and litecoin price is higher than $52, it is likely to surpass the resistance level and go to a new wave to set at the point of $58.
VoteCoin Market Analysis Price
VoteCoin is less prominent compared to other altcoins, but not the least promising one. Last week the VoteCoin developers announced the launch of VoteCoin Sapling network upgrade. They stated that the upgraded platform would significantly boost its performance and the transactions will take less time. The VoteCoin price now has reached the point of $0.0040, and it shows 3.26% growth within 24 hours. The market capitalization is $165,239, and the volume of trades is $227 for the last 24-hour period.
Summing Up the Most Important Crypto Updates
As we can see, this week was full of significant upgrades and important news for the cryptocurrency market. The most popular altcoins like EOS, Ripple, and Litecoin have seen changes in the price and trade volume because of the announcements of partnerships with influential companies and positive system upgrades. When it comes to Bitcoin, despite the fact that it has lost its position recently, predictions are still strong for its price escalation and upcoming bullish trend.