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And then, lastly, you have bitcoin the asset. And so, what I think is interesting here is for traditional investors it’s sort of a challenging paradigm when these three things are wrapped together, so when you see people look at bitcoin they’ll talk about bitcoins in the context of software infrastructure. You’ll hear people talking about bitcoin in the context of a commodity because it’s produced in its mind digitally in the way that we sort of think about producing and mining things like gold, and oil, that are limited in supply theoretically.
Meltem Demirors: (06:57)
And then, you have people talking about it in the context of currency, of hard money. What I think is interesting about Libra is Libra styles itself as a cryptocurrency, but really the point I was trying to make in Congress is anyone can call anything a cryptocurrency but that does not make it so. What’s interesting about bitcoin is unlike a commodity, unlike a bond, unlike an equity bitcoin is packed by nothing but the demand for it.