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Meltem Demirors 2

And so, I think the big challenge is to people in our industry, we like to talk about bitcoin as an asset class, because we live, breath, eat, sleep crypto all day every day, and certainly in our little part of the world bitcoin feels like the big asset, but I think frankly to most investors bitcoin’s not really on their consciousness, and if it is it’s far too early, and if anything the place are getting exposure if through their PA or personal account, certainly not through their firm, or their fund, and I don’t think that’s going to change in the near future, and we can talk about that more as well.
Nolan Bauerle: (04:20)
So in practice what you’re saying is it’s not quite there yet. If it was in this sort of macro level the features that would define it, the asp
ect of it that would sort of propel it forward, I think we can even trace to some of your testimony back in Washington in July. In that testimony, I think what we saw was you had Facebook, which was almost threatening, not a nation-state, but it was taking on certain powers. It was taking on certain responsibilities that we would normally prescribe to a nation-state, and it was saying we’re going to issue this private money, that, of course, got everyone’s back up....

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