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I think hopefully that’s starting, but we’ll see. When it comes to Turkey, so Turkey’s interesting because ING the bank releases this study every year, this is the second year they’re done it. They just released it in October of this year, and what they look at is rates of digital currency adoption in different parts of the world, and Turkey ranks number one. And so, a lot of people are like oh yeah people in Turkey want to hold bitcoin because the lira is unstable, and that’s an attractive narrative, but the reality actually is that Turkey is a place where people are already accustomed to trading FOREX.
Meltem Demirors: (15:50)
People like speculative trading. I’m a Turk myself so we have that cultural acceptance for speculation. And so, FOREX trading, currency trading, is something a lot of people engage in. You have a population that’s already accustomed to digital banking because when banking services came to Turkey they kind of leapfrogged the ’80s and ’90s and it sort of went direct to digital. And then, you have a high population of young people who are really interested in the technology, and what they’re doing is they’re speculating on bitcoin.