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And so, your recent experience in Turkey did it strengthen your idea what it wasn’t quite there yet, but there was this work to do, or did it actually bring you out of a state of let’s say being disconnected, and sitting in one of these bitcoin ivory towers saying this is what bitcoinization is going to look like, and all that stuff, or was this just you’ve been enough times, you’ve seen it in this context, and you know that people just aren’t ready, and even if we are seeing some increased trade flows out of Turkey on local bitcoins it really is still isolated individuals and it’s not enough of a wave to really push the needle?
Meltem Demirors: (14:13)
So let’s talk about that. I think first and foremost I feel like I’ve tried to constantly force myself to step outside the bitcoin world, and interact with people who come from a totally different perspective, totally different viewpoint. I think the context is really important, especially when one of your functions is serving as a translator. I sometimes feel like my role is I’m a translator between two very different worlds, and so we have these crazy bitcoiners over here, and I’m certainly a part of that community, but at the same time I’m also communicating with a very different audience who has the potential to really shape and influence the trajectory of bitcoin as a technology, as an infrastructure, and as an asset in very material ways, and so I think it’s very important for me to be aware of all of the different perspectives and viewpoints in order to be an effective translator, and I do wish we did that more.