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Meltem Demirors: (28:32)
And unfortunately, we have not done a very good job with storytelling, and with grasping the why. It still feels like it’s stuck in a bit of an echo chamber, and so I’m really hopeful that as more, and more people start to understand bitcoin, start to get interested in bitcoin, and in digital currencies, and they go out there, and they educate themselves whether it’s going through events, like Consensus: Invest, or whether it’s listening to podcasts, or reading blogs that they’ll start to piece together their own view of the world, but I guess that’s one of the challenges of having no leader, and essential coordinator, and no marketing body for bitcoin.
Nolan Bauerle: (29:12)
I like the comment you made about that future fetish, because some of it comes up. People will say well what if there’s a better bitcoin? Well, this isn’t Nintendo. It’s not consumer electronics. This is something different. This is cryptography and it develops at a different pace than Nintendo or video games. Just because something is newer doesn’t mean it’s more useful, and will sell at a fixed sum feature.
Meltem Demirors: (29:34)
Nolan Bauerle: (29:34)
The very idea that people have accepted demand for this secure network that in many ways is already the most secure network in the world, depending on your basis, or your metrics, you know, here it is. It’s about the buy-in, you know? Not the same as consumer technology.
Meltem Demirors: (29:54)

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