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Josh Brown: (03:21)
So you could say whether or not you think gold is an inflation hedge, you know that other people do, and it acts that way. Think about utility stocks. All year long, the story has been the federal reserve about to lower rates, now they’re lowering rates. Maybe they’re going to lower rates more. And as that process has happened, you’ve seen money flow into utility stocks, which are prized for their high yields. So if you’re not getting yields in bonds, what’s the next best thing or the next, next best thing? It’s high yielding equities, and utilities are considered to be among the safest high yielding stocks. So you could say that, that’s a macro asset. What can we say about bitcoin that’s even close to being comparable? In the month of October, I think it’s a world record of people around the world involved in various protests, whether we’re talking about Santiago, or we’re talking about what’s going on in Hong Kong. All over the world, there are millions and millions of people taking to the streets.