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Nolan Bauerle: (09:44)
Josh Brown: (10:34)
I guess we have no … in the United States, we have no prior history of it, so we’ll say we’ve been in expansion for 11 years, so it’s the longest expansion ever. So I don’t know the answer.
Nolan Bauerle: (10:49)
Yeah, well they’re-
Josh Brown: (10:50)
We’ll find out.
Nolan Bauerle: (10:53)
And my final question for you, and really this is sort of tapping on your exposure to mainstream media, mainstream financial world. Bitcoin really popped in everyone’s consciousness in 2017 when I met you at that great dinner that we had down near Chinatown. And you wrote a beautiful blog post. I thought it was … I really realized what a fantastic writer you were.
Josh Brown: (11:16)
cool one

grear one