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Yeah. But, like you’re saying, we just haven’t seen that kind of use.
Josh Brown: (09:48)
Yeah. Where is it, where is it? When does it start? So I’m not saying it can’t, I’m just saying I’m not seeing it.
Nolan Bauerle: (09:54)
Now moving onto a recession. A lot of rumors of recessions, we’re still doing pretty well here in the United States, but it’s certainly crept in, in other jurisdictions. So we’ve seen this sort of cheap money around the world for a long time, and it looks like even from high risk tolerance from the VC side of things, because money, it’s just available and it looks like every idea out there is funded and the risk tolerance has grown to a certain extent here. Now, if that changes, if a recession does cause some kind of liquidity crunch, or some inability to get access to this cheap money again, how do you think bitcoin behaves?