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The one they built on Lexington, the skinnier one that went up earlier, I can’t remember the name right now, but you can see the windows are empty. The lights are off every single night.
Josh Brown: (07:19)
Of course. You want to laugh? When they built 437 Park, which I think was the largest until this new one, the tallest, they did something for New York City called a traffic study. So if you want to build something of size, you have to spend millions of dollars and a couple of years studying what the impact will be on local traffic. And the joke is there ain’t going to be no fucking traffic, because no one’s going to live there. So that is the way you’re seeing foreign nationals move money out of their currency, or out of their government’s jurisdiction and into what they consider to be a safer place. And you’re just not seeing those dollar flows into bitcoin to the same extent. So it’s hard to make the case that functionally that’s what’s really happening there.