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bEUBI pool on Pancakeswap earned 1.15 BNB worth

bEUBI pool on Pancakeswap earned 1.15 BNB worth [color=var(--text-link)][/color] Don't forget $100 worth BNB giveaway this month! EUBI holds a giveaway for all bEUBI's Pancakeswap liquidity pool providers. Liquidity providers as a percentage of their holdings in the bEUBI liquidity pool will receive part of $100 worth BNB (Smart Chain). For example who will hold 10% from bEUBI liquidity pool, will get $10 worth BNB (Smart Chain). Above this giveaway, all liquidity providers will receive every month $0.4 worth BNB (Smart Chain) for every their LP token. Next payout will be on 1.november 2021. Add liquidity to [color=var(--text-link)][/color] From bEUBI token withdrawal costs a lot: 0.01 BNB (more than $4). Now you can buy bEUBI token directly using MyEUBIWallet and transfer fee is only between $0.1-$0.3 (depends on gas fees). You will receive your bEUBI at advance. See details on [color=var(--text-link)][/color] and [color=var(--text-link)][/color]