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World Bank Report Illustrates The Potential of Blockchain In Bid For Financial Inclus

▪ The recently released World Bank’s dossier has highlighted various concepts on emerging Technology i.e. Blockchain.
 ▪ This was an extension of the PAFI 2016 report also by world Bank that in length touched on DLT’s, stablecoins and CBDCs.
 ▪ There also seems to be a consensus that Stablecoins have sped up the process for CBDCs.

Emerging technologies like Blockchain have sent Financial Institutions into a frenzy to try and adopt them lest they get left behind.

These same entities have tried to integrate their legacy-ridden payment systems in a bid to achieve seamless operations. The World Bank has recently released a dossier which seems to indicate that they share the same sentiment that Blockchain is, indeed, ready for financial inclusion.