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Wild Ripple Report Forecast Puts XRP at $590 USD by End of 2019 or Coin Will Collapse

Ripple’s XRP Will Either Hit $590 By The End of The Year Or Collapse, Bizarre Crypto Media Outlet Report Claims
You may see a lot of price predictions, but we bet that you have not seen any like this one this month: Smartereum, a crypto news site, has recently published a report in which the company affirms that XRP (the token created by Ripple) will either reach a price of $590 USD or collapse.
In its first report some time ago, the company affirmed that XRP would reach the incredible price of $590 USD per token. The reason for the price increase when each token do not cost even a whole dollar? Ripple’s products.
Everybody knows that XRP is dependent on Ripple. Despite how much Ripple claims that its token is actually independent, the truth is that the value of XRP is directly influenced by Ripple products like xCurrent, xRapid and xVia.
Back then, Ripple was integrating xRapid with several major banks in the world. They would use the system to make cheap and fast cross-border transactions. XRP was also recently listed on Coinbase when the report was out, so the hype was big at this time.
Now, however, the price of XRP is in a clear decline. The token has lost some of its value since the beginning of the year, so the bull trend will have to show up sometime if the token is to hit such a high price at the end of the year. This has left many investors doubting whether the price will ever be achieved as it was predicted.
Obviously, some are more optimistic than others. Many analysts, according to the bitcoin news outlet, are sure that XRP will never be worth more than $10 USD. Some, however, believe that the prices will skyrocket to the moon soon and that people will lose their chances to invest if they do not buy now.
People like Crypto Bitlord, an influential member in the XRP community, have affirmed that the token will definitely be worth $590 USD sometime in the future. Bitcoin was once worth less than a full dollar and it rose to the price that it has now.
Some analysts cited by the site, however, predict that XRP will remain to be worth only some cents forever and that, while the whole market will skyrocket in value in the future, XRP will be an awful bet because its price will remain flat over time.
In this case, the so-called collapse would happen because the token will simply not have the necessary support in order to go up while the rest of the market will.
At the time of this report, the price of each XRP token was $0.29 USD, just under the 30 cents mark. In the last 24 hours, the price of the token decreased 0.97% continuing the downtrend that the token faces recently. Despite all the improvements that Ripple is having recently, it was still not enough for the prices to go up again.

XRP’s price is [b]$0.25 XRP/USD[/b] exchange rate today. The real-time XRP market cap of $10.64 Billion currently ranks #3 with , daily trading volume of $381.27 Million and live coin value change of XRP 2.39% in the last 24 hours.