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Why the Rocketing Rise of CEEK Virtual Reality’s Blockchain Streaming Platform will c

Today video streaming companies like Zoom are worth more than the 7 biggest airlines, Zoom is worth a whopping $48.8 Billion in valuation. The global pandemic lockdown has removed the luxury of choice for many of us in how we communicate, interact and entertain ourselves, driving a rocket boom of video streaming apps like Tik Tok, Twitch and CEEK VR.
Well before the COVID-19 pandemic, CEEK was building a blockchain enabled streaming platform for virtual reality events and experiences and enabling performers and content creators to extend the reach of their content globally. Think of the CEEK platform as iTunes for Virtual Reality and the VR headset as the iPod that allows you to play the content.
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CEEK VR App Simplified Process
With the VR Headset and the CEEK App, users are able to transport to various worlds and venues within CEEK to enjoy experiences with friends. CEEK is building the gathering spaces of the future, and the CEEK coin enables Ceekers to buy and trade products and services within that world.
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