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Why did my coin failed when sending?

Why did my coin failed when sending ?

Possible reason 1:
You tried to send every single bit of your balance.

It failed because you need to pay fee to send. The fee is a very small amount (< 0.000001 usually) and is a blockchain requirement, not because of the web server.

Possible reason 2:
You tried to send a large amount.
Since most people received STHC from twitter rewards and lottery, the balance consists of many small transactions. When a big amount is tried to be sent, a large number of small transactions have to be included. That exceeds the limit allowed by the blockchain, and thus the transaction fails.

In the future we will improve the system to automatically handle that. Before that can be done, here is a way out:

Deposit multiple small amounts (like 2 or 3 STHC) to the tip pool. (If necessary, deposit all or most of your balance to the tip pool.)
Withdraw a single large amount from the tip pool.
After that you will be able send a large amount from the web wallet.