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Why Cryptocurrency Exchange Start-Ups need to integrate Liquidity API ?

Liquidity API is the kind of Application program Interface integrated in the Cryptocurrency Exchange. This API lets start-ups use the liquidity of popular Cryptocurrency Exchanges.

Benefits of Liquidity API

Gains Traders Trust

Liquidity is the sign of a good trading environment. Obviously every crypto trader checks out the liquidity of the crypto exchange next to security Measures. If you showcase the liquidity of your exchange then traders will automatically trust your Exchange.

Fair Market Price

When the exchange has good liquidity, the price of the assets will be fair. Significantly, there would be many buyers and sellers in the crypto exchange & one can make hussle free trading.

Market Stability

The Higher the Liquidity, the higher the stability. At times bulk trading can make a huge impact in the illiquid Market and leads to fluctuations and consistent trading regulates the market as stable.

Instant Trading

In the low liquidity environment, order books take more time to fill out but when liquidity is good buy order instantly matches with sell order and trading occurs instantly.

Saves Trading Time

The buy order matches instantly with the sell order, so the traders need not to wait for the trade to get closed.

Read in Detail: What is Liquidity API

Who We are ?

Bitdeal – Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development Company provides Quality Script / Software with top-notch security features and advanced trading features. The unique thing with Bitdeal is , We Launch Cryptocurrency Exchange with Liquidity with integrated liquidity API. As the pioneer in the crypto industry, we always strive to give our best to our cilents. Some of our clone scripts are Binance Clone Script, Localbitcoins Clone Script, Paxful Clone Script, etc

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