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Which cryptocurrency is better, XRP or Tron?

Ripple, which is a real-time gross settlement system, is currently priced at $0.25. TRON is comparatively priced low at $0.026.

[b]Deciding Whether to Opt for Either Ripple or TRON[/b]
  • There is a lot of discussion among the crypto community that Ripple has been overvalued on its market cap.

  • TRON is also suffering from allegations that it resorts to pumping and dumping on a massive scale.

  • Ripple has certain advantages as it connects banks, payment solution providers, digital asset exchanges, and corporates on a common platform via a single API through RippleNet for transferring money globally.

  • TRON’s plus points are the fact that it is a decentralized content distribution platform where users can freely publish, store and own their content and get rewarded for contributing. It wants to directly compete with Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store who control the distribution of content using a centralized mechanism.

  • Since Ripple enables instant execution of transactions with a speed of 10000 transactions per second without the interference of a central authority, it consumes less energy.

  • Ripple is pre-mined. Hence, there will not be any incentives for the common nodes to work in the network which leaves banks to provide the validator nodes. There will not be any distribution mechanism as only a few nodes are needed to run the entire network.

  • Ripple has plenty of use cases as banks can reach new markets and render their services to the unbanked sections of the population, liquidity can be sourced for enabling payments, and corporate companies can improve their capital efficiency.

  • TRON is an affordable network for developing DApps when compared to platforms like EOS. Its acquisition of BitTorrent was a master-stroke as they can create a token for torrents in the future.

  • It has a 10-year long roadmap with six different stages. Hence, there is always a risk whether the team will be able to deliver.
Since there is a lot of volatility in the crypto market, investment is mostly speculative and many traders liquidate their holdings after realizing their gains. Patience is needed as no asset’s value can multiply in a short duration.