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What is Ripple? How is XRP Related to Ripple?


[Image: 1574776275_ss-ripple-e1574771401863-640x400-696x435.jpg]

[b]Ripple is a financial settlement protocol to facilitate near-instant monetary transfers between two parties. [/b]

It is a product of the San-Francisco based fintech company Ripple Labs. Chris Larsen and Stellar founder Jed McCaleb created Ripple to connect banks, payment providers, cryptocurrency exchanges for real-time, cost-effective, global money transfers. 
[b]What is XRP[/b]
The protocol’s native crypto asset XRP powers all transaction activity on the Ripple Network or RippleNet. A shared public database/ledger called the XRP ledger records all XRP transactions. 
Independent validating servers maintain transparency in the XRP ledger by comparing these records. Ripple Labs’ patented Ripple Protocol Consensus Algorithm (RPCA) helps achieve consensus. 
But even with a consensus mechanism in place, Ripple is not a blockchain-based technology. 
The protocol doesn’t involve established blockchain practices like mining or staking. Pre-issued 100 billion XRP tokens fuel all transaction activities. 
Ripple facilitates peer-to-peer…

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