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What is P2P bitcoin exchange

A bitcoin p2p trading platform is used to trade digital assets directly between users without the presence of any intermediaries in the system. 

The process followed in a P2P Bitcoin exchange is
  • Users have to create an account on the trading platform. 
  • The exchange undertakes automatic KYC verification of the registered users. 
  • The user has to place either a buy or a sell order along with the required information like accepted payment methods and other terms and conditions of the trade. 
  • The order book will find a matching request that would have been raised by another user on the platform. 
  • The order will be confirmed by both the parties after negotiating the trading deal. 
  • The inbuilt escrow will hold the assets till the buyer executes the payment. 
  • Once the payment has reached the seller’s hands, it releases the crypto asset to the buyer’s wallet.
  • The buyer can transfer the asset from his wallet to a cold storage facility. 
Once you have comprehended the working of a P2P Bitcoin exchange, start trading your assets soon.