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What is NFT Marketplace Foundation?

NFT, Non-fungible tokens are a digital asset to be unique and therefore not interchangeable. they are the virtual assets used to hold some values like ownership for artists for their songs, photos, music, etc It enables the ownership of their digital assets on the blockchain and is not restricted to the buyer of the NFT. 

In current trends, NFT tokens are growing rapidly and have become significant among the digital assets and have the value of $250 million, and the total number of active wallets performing NFT transactions increased by 97% in 2021. 

These NFT Tokens can be traded on the NFT Marketplace, where it is built dedicatedly for NFT trading, the NFTs can be bought and sold among the users by setting a fixed price or through auctions.

Foundation is an NFT Marketplace platform for the live auction of digital art and NFTs. The digital asset is sold through live auctions by the artwork creators. The platform features live bidding for multiple artworks, including the Edward Snowden NFT (journalism). 
You can get more info>Foundation clone script