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What do you think will happen to cryptocurrency in the year ahead?

What do you think will happen to cryptocurrency in the year ahead?

AF:         Even with all the hype surrounding the bear market for most of 2018, I see crypto growth during the coming year. Cryptocurrency is the way forward for the world in terms of payment method and having a platform like TradebyTrade gives our customers the opportunity to watch their investment grow. At the same time, they can use it to play around with betting and having a bit of fun in the security of a known platform that they have faith in.
  Why invest in TCN TCoin?
AF:         There are many signs that 2019 will be good for cryptocurrency and this is good for TCN TCoin. Currently, TradybyTrade has around one hundred thousand active users. With the price of TCN at roughly Eur 0.017, there is a lot of room for this to be a great potential investment.
For example, imagine that in the coming months 10,000 people bought 2000 TCN each. This would bring TCN to the 20million mark and this would also increase the value of TCN immediately by one or two points.
What is TCN TCoin potential?
AF:         Well, instead of just 10 thousand new users, imagine if there were 20 thousand. The potential investment will increase exponentially. We don’t have a cap on the number of users, so an increment of 20 thousand bringing the user numbers to 120 thousand is great growth potential.
What are TCN TCoin advantages?
AF:         TCN TCoin gives users a number of advantages. Apart from the TradebyTrade exchange platform for crypto trading, users have the opportunity to bet and have fun with gambling and casinos. This is great because it is all on a single platform and means that the users know that their funds are secure with TradebyTrade.
What is TCN TCoin future?
AF:         We expect that more users will come on board this year. By bringing in new members to use TradebyTrade, and the TCoin, the coin price is certain to increase in value. Now is the time for new users to invest at the Eur0.017; by buying in at this price, they will be in a position to watch their investment grow, while at the same time, use these funds to play and have fun on the gaming section.
To sum up, what’s your advice for people who want to get into cryptocurrencies?
AF:         My advice is to get in early. The price is low enough to make a good investment for a few hundred or thousand Euros and with more people coming on board this will undoubtedly give good profit margins of even 100 – 200 percent within a short time. There is nothing to stop the price going to Eur0.034 before the year is out. In addition, with TradebyTrade giving users the added gaming and betting facility, people can have a bit of fun at the same time.